Exploring The World Of Appliance Creation And RepairExploring The World Of Appliance Creation And Repair

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Exploring The World Of Appliance Creation And Repair

Hello all, I'm Nathan Olsen. I'd like to share my knowledge about appliances with you on this site. I love to study, repair and use appliances that make everyone's life easier. I grew up in the beginning stage of appliance creation with hand wring washers and line drying being the norm. As I grew up, I watched the development of dishwashers, clothes washers, microwaves and fancy ovens. I developed a passion for keeping the appliances in good shape, as I noticed how much free time they offered my family. Instead of spending a lot of time doing chores, appliances allowed us to go do things together by completing the task. I would like to teach others the basics of appliance repair, including what to expect when you hire a technician. I'd also like to discuss advancements in the appliance industry. Thanks for visiting my site.


Winterizing Your Pond Or Pool

Few things distinguish a backyard like a pool or pond. With the coming of winter, however, your backyard's aesthetic gem and source of so much fun needs to be properly protected. Here are a few tips to help ensure that your pool or pond hibernates during the winter so it can come to life again next year. Liquid Balance Although draining your pool or pond might seem like the most logical step, keeping water in your pool or pond offers protection from the elements that can't be beat. Read More 

4 Creative DIY Projects For Ready-Mixed Concrete

Ready-mixed concrete isn't just for paving driveways or garage floors. You can use this versatile substance to create a multitude of creative, personalized projects that are fun and attractive conversation pieces. Here are 4 interesting DIY projects you can do with ready-mixed concrete. 1. Concrete Hand Planters Cradle your succulents or flowers in a pair of cement hands for a unique look. Simply pour ready-mixed concrete into a pair of large latex gloves, taking care to squeeze the air out of the fingers and make sure that the concrete fills every part of the glove. Read More 

Looking For Ways Your Company Can Go Green? A Solar Roof Makes A Good Start

Anything you can do to decrease your monthly expenses directly affects your company's bottom line. One way to help save money, and make a smaller footprint on the environment, is to install solar panels or solar shingles on your roof. If you are also in the market for a new roof, getting either one installed at the same time as that roof just makes sense.  Another energy saving option is to use pole mounted solar panels. Read More 

5 Benefits to Using Native Plants in Your Landscaping

Due to increased water costs and heightened awareness on the part of consumers concerning the damage that chemicals used in yard and garden cultivation cause the environment, perfectly manicured lawn and garden areas are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. However, that doesn't mean your outdoor living area has to be unattractive. Planting native plants is an excellent way to have a great looking yard without the time and money involved in maintaining traditional landscaping. Read More 

3 Surprising House Fire Safety Errors You’re Probably Making

Have you set up a house fire safety plan for you and your family? If you've stopped at installing smoke detectors in every room of your house, designing an emergency exit plan, and making sure your family knows how to contact the local fire department, your plan is lacking. Read on to learn about three surprising house fire safety errors you're probably making, and how to fix them.  You've Selected The Type Of Fire Alarm That You Think Best Suits Your Needs Read More