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Exploring The World Of Appliance Creation And Repair

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Upgrading Your Entryway? 3 Types Of Decorative Door Glass You Should Consider

Are you thinking about upgrading your entryway? To give your front door a little sparkle, you might be thinking about altering or replacing those dated sidelights and transoms, which are the windows that surround your door. Here are three types of decorative glass you should consider to give your entryway an upscale, impressive touch:

1: Textured Glass

Although perfectly clear glass works well for transom windows, which are the windows placed over the top of your door, you might want a little more privacy for your sidelights, which are the windows directly next to each side of your door. Fortunately, textured glass will let light pour into your home while minimizing visibility. Here are a few types of textured glass you will have to choose from:

  • Water Glass: Water glass contains smooth ripples and swirls that give the appearance of movement. 
  • Rough Rolled: If you want to reduce visibility but want an organic look, consider rough rolled glass. This type of textured glass contains thousands of small, shallow divots to refract light and improve privacy. 
  • Glue Chip: Do you love the look of frosty windows in the middle of the winter? Glue chip textured glass looks like it is covered with fern-like veins covered in frost.
  • Antique Bubbled: You can make your home look interesting and nostalgic by adding antique bubbled glass. This type of textured glass is filled with flowing bubbles, which makes the surface uneven and more opaque.

To decide which type of textured glass would meld well with your home, carefully consider existing design details. For example, if your home has a mid-century colonial design, bubbled glass might be the perfect touch. Also, consider your need for privacy, and talk with your window installation contractor about which option would work well in your entryway.   

2: Custom Stained Glass

If you want to add a little pop of color to the windows around your front door, stained glass might be perfect for you. Before you shy away from stained glass because of the typical hummingbird scenes you might be used to seeing, it is important to realize that you can work with stained glass artisans to customize a piece just for you. Here are a few different design ideas that could make your entryway truly unique:

  • Monograms: Consider incorporating your last name or family monogram into your front door stained glass panels. Believe it or not, you can work with stained glass experts to choose the size, font, and positioning of your initials.
  • Favorite Hobbies: Professional stained glass experts can even create ornate scenes depicting your favorite hobbies. You could use your front door panels to show your family's love of football, music, or biking.  
  • Landscapes: Stained glass artists can even create realistic-looking landscape scenes. You could use your front door windows to display the meadow where you got engaged, or the city where you grew up.

Don't worry about deterring future homebuyers with your custom glass panels. Stained glass can be installed in a special way that will allow you to take it with you when you move. By working with a stained glass artist to create interesting, colorful window panels, you can set your home apart and make your entryway special.

3: Etched Glass

If you want to give your windows a unique spin without creating a loud statement, consider etched glass instead. One of the best things about etched glass is that you can have your existing windows etched without having them removed. Professional glass technicians can etch glass by applying acids, etching creams, or abrasives to smooth panels. The places where glass is etched will become more opaque, which will reduce visibility.

Etched glass allows you to mix smooth, clear glass panels with frosted patterns. The result is glass that looks crisp and clean while maximizing your privacy.  

Upgrading the glass surrounding your front door might help you to make a strong first impression and enjoy a beautiful entryway day after day. For more information, contact a local glass company, like Central Glass